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The 13th Asia Pacific Burn Congress Call for Abstract

Submission for Abstract/File Application Procedures

Abstract Submission

We are pleased to invite authors to submit their abstracts for symposiums, panel discussions, and general presentations. We are looking forward to many applications.

Please submit the abstract according to the following instructions.

  • Plenary, Symposium
    The presentation style is only Zoom LIVE presentation using PowerPoint.
  • Free Paper
    The presentation will be in an on-demand format.

  • Acceptance/Rejection of Abstracts and presentation category will be decided by the Congress President and the Committee Members. Please kindly note that we sometimes may not be able to meet your preference.


Please follow the instructions below for the submission of Abstracts.

  1. Abstract must be submitted electronically via the web page for abstract submission; if you cannot take this method, please contact the secretariat apbc2021@tokyo-med.ac.jp.
  2. We recommend you to copy and paste after saving the summary on your desktop.
  3. Abstract should be written in English in Microsoft Word.
  4. The length of Abstract title: No more than 20 words (Half-width English letters less than 120)
  5. The length of Abstract Text: No more than 200 words (Half-width English letters less than 1200)

    • Please avoid diagrams, pictures, figures, illustrate graphics, tables, Roman numerals, circle, number enclosed within a circle and Katakana in half width.
    • Following structure is obligatory: objective, methods, results, conclusions.
  6. Co-authors: Maximum 12 persons,
    Institution/department/organization: Maximum 6
  7. Start a new paragraph without using hyphenation, nor both-ends justification.
  8. The rows should not be rearranged. Only the headline and end of the paragraph should be forced into a line break.
  9. Greece and other special characters can be used. If you cannot enter a special character, please enter the whole name of the symbol.
  10. Please avoid using an abbreviation. If you use it, please define its meaning first.
  11. The APBC/APBA reserves the right to all video and audio recordings of presentations at the congress.
  12. Expenses associated with the submission and presentation of an abstract are the responsibility of the presenter.
  13. After inputting all the necessary information about authors and the summary, please copy and paste them to the text fields.

Abstract submission Procedure

Use the right browser. With some browsers you cannot submit lecture topics.
We recommend using the browser suggested at the top page.

Please use the same log-in ID for Registration, Reservation and Abstract submission.

The Secretariat bears no responsibility for any problems in the process of Abstracts submission due to the computer environment of the user. Please refer to the System Requirements on the Top Page for the PC setting instructions.

  1. Please use the same ID as registration when you submit your abstract.
  2. Push the “next button” and check your information you entered.
  3. If you need to change the information, please push the “Back button” and correct it.
  4. When you check the information you entered is correct, please click the “Register” button at the lower part of the page. Please do not close the browser until the transmission completion, otherwise all the information will be nullified.
  5. The secretariat does not take any responsibility for your input error. Please check your abstract carefully before you send it.
  6. We would not return all the submitted abstract.
  7. Please check “Agreement Box” when you agree to our agreement form.
  8. The contents you registered will be displayed when you click “Next button”.
  9. If the registered contents are correct, please click “Register” Button.
  10. The registration is completed when the completion of registration form is displayed.
  11. The registration number will be sent by e-mail from the secretariat automatically when you complete your registration.
    If you do not receive it, you may register wrong e-mail address or have not finished your registration, so please contact to us below.

  12. For each login ID, you could only submit ONE abstract.
    If you would like to submit 2nd abstract, please create new login ID and submit.
    *Registration fee is only required for 1st abstract submission even if you submit 2nd one.

The usage of character

  • The number of Japanese character cannot be used.
  • Roman numerals such as Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ cannot be used. ・Symbol or the half-width character such as α,β,γetc cannot be used. Please use them in the full-width character.
  • An English letter and number must be entered in the full-width character.
  • Please enter in the half-width character for followings; ,,,,, when you use superscript character, subscript character, diagonal character(Italic), bold, new line, underline.
  • When you use < or > separately, Please enter in the full-width character(2 bites). Example: p<0.05, CO>2.2
  • Please discriminate between O(alphabet) and 0(number), I(alphabet) and 1(number), X(alphabet) and ×(mathematical expression) and so on. ・ Please do not separate one word by using “-“.

Deadline of Abstract
The call for abstracts has been extended. The new deadline is April 21, noon (JST).

12:00 of March 3, March 24, April 21, 2021, Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)

Please note that after 12:00 of March 3, March 24, April 21, 2021 acceptance of abstracts through the server will automatically be closed and submissions will no longer be accepted.

The Internet line is prospected to be busy just before the deadline, so we recommend that you submit your abstracts early.


  1. Plenary Speeach

    • The perspective of next 10 Years of APBA
  2. APBC Symposium(Partly designated speaker)

    • Burn care during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Management of burn wound infection
    • Infection control in Burn ICU/Burn Unit
    • Burn Treatment Guideline
    • Scar Management and Surgery, Post-Burn Scar Contracture and Keloids
    • Laser/Aesthetic treatment in Burn care
  3. APBC Free Paper

    1. Basic Research
    2. Burn Care Facility
    3. Clinical and Intensive-Care
    4. Disaster-Management
    5. Electrical and Chemical Burns
    6. Epidemiology
    7. Ethics
    8. Infection Control
    9. Inhalation Injury
    10. Management of Burns in Developing Countries
    11. Nursing
    12. Nutrition and Metabolism
    13. Outcome Measures
    14. Pain Management
    15. Pediatric Burn
    16. Pre-Hospital Burn Care
    17. Prevention
    18. Psychological Reaction
    19. Quality of Life
    20. Reconstruction and Scar Management
    21. Registries
    22. Rehabilitation
    23. Skin Banking
    24. Surgical Techniques
    25. Systemic Infection
    26. Tissue Engineering, skin substitute and Cell therapy
    27. Wound Management
    28. Others

How to confirm, revise and cancel submissions
The call for abstracts has been extended. The new deadline is April 21, noon (JST).

You can revise, confirm, or delete your submission as many times as you wish up until 12:00 of March 3, March 24, April 21, 2021.

  1. To confirm your submitted abstract

    1. Enter your log-in ID and password to log-in to your “My Page”
    2. Click the “Abstract: Add/Confirm (Edit/Cancel)” button in the “abstract” field.
    3. Click the “Confirmation” button to confirm the details.
  2. To revise your submitted abstract
    To revise your submitted abstract You can modify, confirm, and delete your submissions as many times as you like until 12:00 of March 3, March 24, April 21, 2021.

    1. Enter your log-in ID and password to log-in to your “My Page”
    2. Click the “Abstract: Add/Confirm (Edit/Cancel)” button in the “Abstract” field, and click the “Edit” button to revise your submitted information/abstract.
    3. Click the “Next” button to proceed to the confirmation page.
    4. After you check your revised information/abstract, click the “Submit” button to complete the procedure.
  3. To delete your submitted abstract

    1. Enter your log-in ID and password to log-in to your “My Page”
    2. Click the “Abstract: Add/Confirm (Edit/Cancel)” button in the “Abstract” field, and click the “Cancel” button to delete your submitted abstract.

    3. After you confirm the details displayed on the confirmation page, click the “Cancel” button to delete your abstract.

      Once you complete the procedure, you cannot recover the canceled data.

Registration for participation

The speaker must preregister and pay the fee.
If you don’t pay when the results are announced, please pay it until July 21, 2021.
In case of lack of payment, your subject will be cancelled.

Notification of acceptance

The secretariat will send you the result by e-mail in the middle of July after fixing the program. Please leave the conduction of the acceptance, the time of presentation and classification of the presentation to the secretariat.

Withdrawing of the paper

In case of withdrawing the paper, please do it within submission duration

Inquiries about Submission

Please send us your inquiries by logging-in to your “My Page” and clicking on the “Inquiry” button.
TEL: +81-6-6252-5044

JTB Corp. Western Japan MICE Branch APBC&JSBI Desk

FAX: +81-6-7657-8412
Office hours: 9:30-17:30 (weekdays only)

Inquiries about System Use

Proactive Inc. APBC&JSBI Desk

E-mail: info@pac.ne.jp
Office hours: 9:30-17:00 (weekdays only)