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Information for Presenters

Important day
● Live-streaming Presemtation Submission Period
September 17 (Fri) to October 6(Wed)
● On demand Presentation Submission Period
September 17 (Fri) to September 27 (Mon)


Please pay the registration fee in advance.
Deadline of the payment: July 21 (Wed), 2021

Click here to pay the registration fee

The login ID and the password of the Virtual Meeting Website

We will announce the login ID and the password to all presenters in the beginning of October.

Length of each presentation / Data file format

APBC Program
SessionDistribution Method and SystemLength of presentation Q and AGeneral DiscussionData file of the presentations
preregistration period
APBC Symposium 1live-streaming on Zoom8min-10minMicrosoft Power Point file (PPTX)
As backup file
Submission period: Sep 17 - Oct 6
APBC Symposium 2live-streaming on Zoom15min-20min
APBC Symposium 3live-streaming on Zoom15min-20min
APBC Symposium 4live-streaming on Zoom12min-20min
APBC Symposium 5live-streaming on Zoom10min-20min
APBC Symposium 6live-streaming on Zoom15min-20min
APBC Free Paperon demand broadcasting6min--Audio and Video file(MP4)
Submission period: Sep 17 - Sep 27

For the presenters of live-streaming

APBC Symposium 1 to 5

Preregistraion/Data file format

Speakers will live-stream the presentation while shearing their screen, however, to submit your presentation file (Microsoft Power Point, pptx) in advance is recommended just in case.
We will gather your presentation fils in the Dropbox room. If it is not available, we will collect them as PDF files via email.
Submission Period: September 17 (Fri) to October 6 (Wed)

Please submit your files via the link or send it to the email address which the secretariat will announce you by email on September 1 (Wed) or 2 (Thu).

Important point of the presentaion file
File formatMicrosoft Power Point (PPTX)
Slide sizeWidescreen display (16:9) is recommended.
Other slide size may cause smaller display.
You can adjust your slide size via the "Design" tab.
If you gather several slides into one, please unify the slide size.
FontsPlease use below standard fonts in your pptx file.
Times New Roman, Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Century, Century Gothic, Courier, Courier New, Georgia
Other fonts cause text garbling/character corruption.
If you would like to use other fonts, converting PPTX file to MP4 by yourself is recommended.
File sizeUp to 1.5 GB
File nameAbstract No: + First author's name
ETCPlease be sure to run a virus scan.

The way to join live-streaming on Zoom

1)See below manual to join the Zoom.
2)There will be an orientation 20 minutes prior to each session.

The orientation and the session will be hold on Zoom.
We will send the link/URL for Zoom Meeting by email a week before the congress.

3)Join the Zoom Meeting with the name as "[Speaker] + Abstract No: + Your name."

Ex) [Speaker] ASY1-1 SMITH
Please see the above "Manual for the Moderators and Presenter" if you would like to know how to enter your name.

4)Rules for Time Keeping

We will let you know the time left by using bell.
last 3 minutes = 1 ring
last1 minute = 2 rings
last 15 seconds = 3 rings

Session topic Live-streaming date Orientation Session
Special Lecture Friday, October, 22 17:10 17:30 ~ 18:10
Invited Lecture 1 Friday, October, 22 9:50 10:10 ~ 10:50
Invited Lecture 2 Saturday, October, 23 15:30 15:50 ~ 16:30
Invited Lecture 3 Sunday, October, 24 9:00 9:20 ~ 10:00
Plenary Speech Saturday, October, 23 12:20 12:40 ~ 13:15
Presidential Speech Saturday, October, 23 9:50 10:10 ~ 10:45
JSBI Educational Lecture 1 Thursday, October, 21 17:20 17:40 ~ 18:20
JSBI Educational Lecture 2 Friday, October, 22 10:40 11:00 ~ 11:40
JSBI Symposium 1 Thursday, October, 21 12:40 13:00 ~ 14:20
JSBI Symposium 2 Thursday, October, 21 15:00 15:20 ~ 16:40
JSBI Symposium 3 Friday, October, 22 12:40 13:00 ~ 14:20
JSBI Symposium 4 Friday, October, 22 15:00 15:20 ~ 16:30
JSBI Panel Discussion Thursday, October, 21 10:10 10:30 ~ 11:40
APBC Symposium 1 Saturday, October, 23 10:40 11:00 ~ 11:50
APBC Symposium 2 Saturday, October, 23 13:05 13:25 ~ 14:45
APBC Symposium 3 Saturday, October, 23 16:20 16:40 ~ 18:00
APBC Symposium 4 Sunday, October, 24 10:40 11:00 ~ 12:20
APBC Symposium 5 Sunday, October, 24 13:00 13:20 ~ 14:50
APBC Symposium 6 Sunday, October, 24 15:30 15:50 ~ 17:35

The way to ask questions or provide comments

We will collect questions and comments in the chat in Zoom Webinar.
The Moderators will be facilitating the presentation and discussion.

Emergency Contact Information

Please register your emergency contact information (phone number or cell phone number) with your country Code from the below link.
The Registration Form: https://req.qubo.jp/Avila/form/VWn0rZTA
Deadline of the Registration: October 1 (Fri), 2021.

For the presenters of on demand presentation

Preregistraion/Data file format

●Please refer to the link below when you will make a MP4 presentation video.
You can change your language settings at the bottom left corner of the screen in this manual.

●Please submit your data file via the link which the secretariat will send you by email on September 1 (Wed) or 2 (Thu)

Subject:  [Notice] Preregistration of the data file of JSBI & APBC 2021
Submission Period:  September 17 (Fri) to September 27 (Mon)

Please submit your data file via the link which the secretariat will send you by email on September 1 (Wed) or 2 (Thu)
Subject: [Notice] Preregistration of the data file of JSBI & APBC 2021

The way to ansewer the questions or comments

You can see the questions or comments on the Virtual Meeting Website.
You will get the annuncement email when audiences ask questions or provide comments. Please type in your answer to them on the website.
Comment posting period: October 21 (Thu) to November 7 (Sun)